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I am your Alabama licensed professional. Here's my story:

My name is Darrell Raley and I am a father of two beautiful daughters (33) and (8). I am blessed with two amazing grandchildren (8) and (6). Throughout my life I have witnessed families go through financial hardships after a loved one had passed. I experienced this personally when my mom passed last June (2022) and the struggle became very real. Calling the mortgage company, attorneys and paying past due bills made it a much more painful experience. She had no financial protection at all. I've since made it my goal to help Alabama families get the right protection at an affordable price. I am an insurance broker which means I shop for you. I am not a salesman. It is my pleasure to help you get your family protected so they will never face such hardships. 

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National Carriers You Trust

Americo CVS/aetna Mutual of Omaha  Columbian Financial Group American Amicable National Life Group  Gerber John Hancock  Vitability   Global Atlantic PROSPERITY  ATHENE Great WESTERN AIG  TransAmerica  Forresters

Our Three Most Popular Products 

FinAL Expense/burial

Final expense is a whole life policy with a smaller face amount than traditional insurance. It focuses on end - 0f - life expenses. Also, ask me about getting a Will or updating your current one every year or as needed.

Mortgage protection

Is a policy that helps your family make monthly mortgage payments after the policyholder has passed. You can choose the percentage of it to pay off too. Ask me about Cash back offers.


Annuities are funded with lump sums or smaller payments and are paid out either monthly, quarterly, semi - annually or annually to the beneficiary after the policyholder has passed. Ask me about IULs and FIAs

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